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Club Presentation Evening March 25th 2017

On Saturday 25th March the club held its annual presentation evening at the John Smith's Stadium in Huddersfield. This was the first time we had used this venue  - we keep outgrowing the places we have used!
Prizes were given in various categories for athletes who had been nominated over the last year. We had a suite overlooking the Football/Rugby ground; there were awards for Athletes; quizzes with prizes; food provided and music. A right old shindig!

Thanks to all who arranged it, especially to David Owen (for ensuring the trophies were polished, engraved and ready for him to announce the winners); to Steve and Allyson Clark who booked the venue and organised the entertainment and everyone who came and made it a great success. Not forgetting Eddie Berry's quiz! The images behind the winners of them taking part in events that were on screen as they received awards were especially effective.

The Committee always try to nominate athletes and helpers who not only show promise but also commitment to the club and the sport over a period of time. It is always difficult to choose, as there are so many great athletes and we have a growing junior section with some real talent coming through. We also have a really supportive group of parents and helpers who have had a big impact at the club and are a key part of what we do. Without them we would struggle to keep the club going

You really mustn't be disappointed if you were not one of the trophy winners this time, you are still a really valuable part of our club, and there is always next time... the awards are given to inspire you to even greater things in the coming year!

Some images of trophy winners and the winners of the races in the morning are given below. You can see more on our facebook page provided by Jim McCormack who took the photos on the night. We decided not to have individual prize winner photos as there are so many and it would have taken up too much time. So there is a group photo here and facebook contains others. I'm sure many of you will have taken your own too!
We are very proud of our club and how it is developing, and we are really excited about the prospects for the coming season with so many great Athletes.



Runners in the Longwood  Road Handicap held from 10am Saturday 25th March 2017 at Storthes Hall

As this was the first time we had used the course all winners are the record holders
Seniors (U17 +) who completed a 10Km course from Storthes Hall Through Farnley Tyas and back:
Seniors road race
Juniors who ran a 1 mile lap (once for u11s) or twice  (u13 and u15s):
 Full results are here

Awards winners for 2015-16 - presented on the evening of 25th March at the John Smiths Stadium

A couple of images of the trophy winners on the night:
Full details of winners and nominees here

Summary of winners:

Most promising young athlete (Female) Lucy Wilding
Most promising young athlete (Male) Dalvin Cyrus
Most promising young athlete Cross Country (Female) Holly Brewster
Most promising young athlete Cross Country (Male) Lawrence Grose
Outstanding contribution to Young Athletes League Emily Mclachlan
Junior Athlete of the year (Richard Hardcastle Trophy) - Female Alicia Mariott
Junior Athlete of the year (Richard Hardcastle Trophy) - Male Tiger Steel
Best veteran performance Donald Kennedy
Best Marathon performance Donald Kennedy
Best field event performance Alicia Mariott
Senior athlete of the year (Female) Francesca Robertson
Senior athlete of the year (Male) Elliot Thompson
Outstanding contribution to the club Tom Reed
Fell runner of the year Richard Norgate

The Room
Deep matters of state being discussed - obviously. The football/Rugby pitch in the background
The Room
Steve appears to have put his hand through the pillar. The screen is readied for the reveal!


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