Founded 1888


The Longwood Harriers Castle Hill Races (Juniors) and annual Point to Point race to Farnley Tyas (U17 and Seniors)

Club members only. Normally takes place on the first Saturday in October each year (or as close to this as can be arranged) starting at 10 a.m. Trophies and medals in different categories
The trophy for the race was once won by Sebastian Coe (now Lord Sebastian Coe former Olympic Athlete and of London 2012 fame; also now IAAF President)

For Senior athletes: (16+ in this case) Point to Point Race over road and country

A point to point race is where Athletes are given a start point and a destination point and have to run between these in the shortest time they can, taking any route they decide for themselves. Normally most Athletes will take the standard one, which is generally the direct one. However, by taking account of the terrain and the weather, sometimes a longer route may actually be quicker and an Athlete is allowed to take such a route

In the Annual Longwood Castle Hill Point to Point a time handicap is also given based on known performances of the Athletes. In theory if this is accurate Athletes ought to cross the line at the same time! Of course this would not happen other than perhaps for two of them

The Seniors take the route they choose but must go up Castle Hill to the top on the outward route and check in at Farnley Tyas before returning to the start/finish. It takes around half an hour.

For younger athletes - off-road mixed terrain races:

For safety reasons, Young Athletes use a different mapped course that does not go up Castle Hill itself and keeps off the road (see below). Typically the race takes about 15 minutes.

A time handicap is given in seconds (or minutes and seconds) which will be taken off the actual Athlete's own running time recorded by the race officials. Positions and prizes are awarded on this basis not just on the finishing positions. The idea is that it gives more Athletes the chance to win. One Athlete in each race will have no handicap - they start from 'scratch'

The Route for the junior race is shown below; young athletes stay on a route below and off the road and go through Hall Bower and around nearby rugby pitches. 


Juniors race



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