Longwood Harriers Road League 2015 - Results


About the road league

The league comprises a series of public road races that take place across the year (see table below). This includes the Huddersfield Park run. Only Seniors and Under 17s take part. (UKA rules for competition (Rule 207 - see below) says the maximum distance for road racing for a 15 year old is 10km, for a 13-14 year old is 6km)
Athletes enter the races and score points for their postions in terms of who was home first, second, third etc. for Longwood Harriers.

Points scores: 1st: 15 points; 2nd 12 points; 3rd 10 points and then in descending order one point each time per place

Over the season these are recorded by Donald Kenedy (who is the league organiser) and added together to give the final totals and result you can see here.


Position Name Points scored
Fixture list for coming year 2016 here
1st Elliot Thompson 160
2nd Nathaniel Stock 143
3rd Ian Mitchell 75
4th Donald Kennedy 52
5th Karen Mitchell 50
6th Niall O'Connell 45
7th Heather Mitchell 41
8th Mick Proctor 40
9th Dave Harpin 29
10th Jim McCormak 25
11th Linda Brewster 20
12th Peter Hoyle 15
13th James Scholes 14
14th Richard Norgate 12
15th Claire Pickersgill 10
16th Brigid Walsh 8
17th Sam Lister 5
18th Dave Shelton 4
19th Kirsty Leih 2
In 2015 the races included :
  Event Distance
1 Meltham
10 Km
2 Dewsbury
10 Km
3 Parkrun Greenhead Park
5 Km
4 Huddersfield
10 Km
5 Longwood Road Handicap - Farnley Tyas
10 Km
6 Wakefield
10 Km
7 Askern
10 Km
8 Joe Percy, Huddersfield (Longwood Harriers Event)
10 Km
9 Haworth
5 miles
10 Helen Windsor (Halifax)
10 Km
11 Parkrun Greenhead Park
5 Km
12 Stainland
7 miles
13 Netherthong
10 Km
14 Abbey Dash - Leeds
10 Km
15 Percy Pud (Sheffield)
10 Km
16 Traveller's (Denby Dale)
6 miles
Age groups and road racing: UKA Rule 207 (3) states
The maximum distances permitted in Open Competition for runners are as follows:
Age on day of competition
Maximum Distance for all athletes
Over 11 – Under 13
5000 metres
Over 13 – Under 15 6000 metres
Aged 15 years 10000 metres
Aged 16 years 15000 metres
Aged 17 years 25000 metres
Over 18 – Under 20 Marathon
Seniors Unlimited
Masters Unlimited

NOTE: UK Athletics Rules do not specifically cater for athletes under the age of 11 years. This does not necessarily preclude provision by organisers of competitions for events for athletes younger than 11 years, with correspondingly reduced distances to be run.